Andy Dockerty​

“Richard Maides and Carl Bathgate are two gentlemen who have collectively over 60 years of experience delivering events of all type and sizes. We are privileged to have been a production supplier for over 30 years to numerous various events throughout their career paths. From humble beginnings at Liverpool University to multi-million pound O2 Academy installations and more recently major outdoor events featuring worldwide renowned artistes, Richard and Carl have always delivered full scale events to their clients and the public.

They provide experienced qualified advice and have excellent connections into artiste agents assuring excellent value for money, comprehensive Health and Safety management and high quality leading edge production technology and technicians. We are delighted to see that Richard and Carl have founded a new, exciting organisation, Ghostwriter Consultancy & Events and we believe that the vast experience this team has will provide the ultimate experience for both the client and the audience.

They are genuine industry people with an excellent reputation that means any organisation utilising the services of Ghostwriter Consultancy & Events will feel confident and safe in their hands.”