Ghostwriter to curate & produce Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival in Whitby from 2022

We are pleased to confirm that we will be curating and producing Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival held in Whitby from 2022.

The event has been produced for several years by Kirstin & Paul (Absinthe Promotions Ltd) who have created an event which has seen some wonderful and unique performances from artistes ranging from Wayne Hussey & The Divine to Paradise Lost and New Model Army. The event takes place twice a year; in April and late October to celebrate Halloween. We will be partnering with the Whitby Pavilion to continue the evolution of the event which will include music, cinema and performance.

Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival will we hope remain a significant part of the town’s activities to celebrate its past, present and future, we will aim to join forces with like-minded and inclusive event organisors across the town to produce an exciting and inclusive experience for those coming to Whitby. Our first event will take place between October 28th and 30th 2022 and the first wave of artist announcements will be made on Friday November 19th at 20:00.

We would like to thank Kirstin & Paul for all their help and support so far in ensuring we can carry on their work and produce great events in Whitby.