Motion Events

Event: All live activity
Location: Marble Factory, Bristol
Services Provided: Artist booking & programming, feasibility, diary management, technical production advancing, event day delivery, finance, ticketing.

Just before the pandemic broke, we partnered with the team at Motion to re-evaluate their live offering to the industry. Acknowledging the value of brand separation, we identified a suitable area within the Motion complex fulfilling a gap in the local market and
following on from extensive feasibility works including occupancy assessments, we repositioned Marble Factory as a 1,350 capacity venue. All aspects of the venue were reviewed, with Motion committing to extensive improvements including a full live L-Acoustics PA system and dedicated backstage artist facilities. A clear and concise diary management system was designed and implemented providing a transparent procedure across both live and club businesses. This ensured we could maximise both live and club activity supporting Motions core trade.

In the first live season post pandemic, Motions live trade has increased from 12 shows per annum to over 75 across a diverse range of genres. Following on from feedback from promoters and agents throughout this time, further improvements to technical production, ticketing and artist facilities have been made in winter 2022. In addition to this, Marble Factory committed to being the largest independent and merch fee free venue in Bristol.

We also provide full technical advancing for the live shows within Marble Factory and integrated a full time member of our team into the staffing structure to ensure all events are delivered to our high standards including show day safety procedures. Our Venue Business Manager represents the venue to the industry and works alongside the Motion team to maximise and expand the business into additional avenues.