Technical Production & Advancing

We make art out of science and can cater for every technical requirement effectively delivering shows from the smallest of venues to the largest of fields. Our team will ensure artist specifications are adhered to whilst providing a cost effective and competitive solution that enhances the customer experience, liaising with artists and their tour management from on sale to encore.

Our experience includes specialisms in the following areas for both venues & events:

  • Venue & technical specification review, recommendations, creation and development for venues & events
  • Procurement of audio, lighting, audio visual & special effects for events
  • Procurement of audio, lighting, audio visual installation for purchase or long term lease hire
  • Distribution of venue technical specifications to promoters and perspective clients
  • Event advances – liaison with promoters, tour and production managers satisfying show requirements for all parties
  • Sourcing of engineers, production staff, crew & stagehands
  • Noise management planning and monitoring