Venue / Event Health & Safety Compliance

Our team is qualified to support your needs in all areas of event based health & safety, risk management and compliance. Drawing on our experience of managing event safety for a wide variety of venues and events across the UK we can develop suitable systems of work and processes to positively impact operations for our clients and partners.

  • Review and auditing of existing processes and adapting to ongoing Covid-19 guidance and safe working practices
  • Design of event specific safety plans including relevant compliance documentation
  • Development of risk assessment processes
  • Implementation of systems of work through event-based checklists, procedures and documents for venue and event operations 
  • Supplier compliance including the gathering of all supplier competencies, safety documentation and on site behaviour expectations in line with your venue / event’s ethos and best practice 
  • Show safety procedures established with both venue and touring staff via the implementation of production safety meetings, show stop systems and processes

Case Study – University of East Anglia Students’ Union

Ghostwriter was engaged by University of East Anglia Students’ Union (UEASU) to review existing event management processes with a view to designing and implementing a coherent process for the management of risk for events hosted and produced across all the clients multiple venues. They produce over 400 events per annum in venues ranging from 200 to 3,500 in capacity. This project included a comprehensive review of incident and accident reporting. A required outcome of our consultation was to ensure that the venue staff developed an understanding of any new processes or systems of work by involving them in the development of these procedures and systems of work. The aim was to build confidence with the staff which in turn would introduce and underpin a cross department culture of cooperation and subsequent compliance.

The review included time spent with the staff in both group and one to one sessions, an initial audit of existing documentation and processes to ensure we had a thorough understanding of the existing knowledge and skills sets across the team. This allowed us to design a schedule of work to deliver on the client’s needs including specific training needs for each role within the organisation.

The project extended to developing new paperwork and systems for the administration of the venues day to day operations allowing this to support a robust approach to risk management. Involving the team in Norwich was key to the success of this piece of work allowing them to have influence on changes that would ensure the new processes be adopted. This brief we were set by the client were very broad and saw Ghostwriter produce compliant template documents for varied aspects of event and venue management including but not limited to Event Safety Plans, Construction Phase Plans, Customers Queuing Designs, Opening and Closing Checks, Audit Sheets, Event Confirmation Process, Venue Hire Contracts, an electronic Event / Radio Control Log process and Risk Assessments amongst many others in what turned out to be a root and branch review of how to approach risk and safety in an events driven business.